Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The End of the Dock

This is another short, short story that I spontaneously decided to write and share on here. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Walking to the end of the rickety old dock Kailee sat down on the edge and let her feet hang in the water. Ever since she could remember Kailee had spent three weeks out of the summer up at the cabin with her family and she always hated when they had to leave. Sighing Kailee wished that they didn't have to leave the next day and that their family vacation wasn't over already.

As she sat there watching the sunset on the horizon Kailee felt the dock rock gently as someone walked down to the end. Not turning around Kailee knew who it was by the sound of the of their footsteps. As her dad sat down next to her on the end of the dock Kailee smiled and pulled her feet out of the water. Giving Kailee a hug her dad asked if she was ready to go. Even though she didn't feel like leaving, she nodded her head yes. Getting up, now that the sun had disappeared, Kailee's father helped her up.

"Will we still be coming back here next year dad?" Kailee asked her father as they slowly made their way up to the cabin.

"Of course we will, sweetheart," he smiled. "It's been a tradition ever since you were little."

"I know," Kailee replied. "I just wish we didn't have to leave here when vacations over."

"We weren't going to tell you or your brothers this yet," her father said a bit mysteriously. "But your mother and I were planning on making the cabin usable for living in year round instead of just in the summer."

"When is that going to stat?" Kailee asked excitedly.

"The few renovations will be happening once we leave."

Hugging her father tightly Kailee thanked him for making her dream of living at the cabin all year long become a reality.

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