Monday, October 26, 2015

This Crazy Thing Called Life

In the past month or so my life has gotten a little bit more crazy than normal. The reason for that is because my family and I are moving and we have been packing up the house. Last week we started working on the things in our new house that needed to be fixed.

We all love our new house, though it doesn't feel like ours yet. Even though we will be in a neighborhood there is a library right across the street from the house. There is also a forest preserve across the street as well.

On Sunday afternoon, after church, I learned how to paint a bedroom. I am sharing a room with two sisters and the light green color in our new bedroom needed to be updated. Now it is a very pretty blue gray color. My other sisters room is a little on the bright side, because three walls are painted purple and the last wall is painted pink. But they like it and they are having one of their friends paint a few fairies one one wall.

Once we move in, it will be extra crazy around the house with all of the unpacking that will have to be done. Especially in between work and school. Since we have been going over to the new house pretty much every to bring over boxes and to work on other stuff it is starting to feel a little like home. If course I am going to have to remember to not go back to the old house when I get off work.

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