Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

 "2 Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving; and make a joyful noise to him with psalms. 
3 For the Lord is a great God, and a great King above all gods. 

4 For in his hand are all the ends of the earth: and the heights of the mountains are his." 
-- Psalm 95:2-4

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Longest Knitting Project Ever...

Here is the story behind the pillows that I was making, that I said I would tell here.

Middle Picture: the original idea.
Right and Left Pictures: The pillow cases

It all started back in January when I decided to knit a blanket for one of my cousin's who had just gotten engaged. After looking for the right yarn and Michael's, and Wal-Mart, I found fluffy white and black yarn at Hobby Lobby that I decided to use. Once I got several balls of yarn I started working on the blanket.

The first blanket pattern I used wasn't turning out like the picture that came with the pattern, I think that was because I wasn't reading the pattern correctly. So I decided to ditch that pattern and start over with a different pattern. After five tries and a lot of tears, hand cramping, and frustration, there wasn't really any tears I just thought it sounded good, I gave up on trying to make anything with the yarn. It was a pain in the neck to use and by the fifth try it wasn't starting to look very pretty. Since I had two variegated skeins of yarn stashed away in my room from previous projects I decided to make something with them instead.

The pattern I found to make the pillowcases with was very easy to follow so I decided to use that pattern. In the pattern it says to use size 8 needles but I decided to use a size 11 and I like the way that the covers turned out. I also added strips to the pattern as well as I was making it. Though I have a hard time lining up strips when I add them to kitting projects. I also made it 24 inches long instead of 23 1/2 inches, and it still works with a 16x16 pillow.

Since I still wanted to include a blanket with the pillows I decided to get a couple yards of fleece and do a no sew blanket. Because my cousin likes zebra pattern stuff I found zebra patterned fleece at Wal-Mart and got a light grey fleece to go with it. Originally I wanted to use the burgundy fleece that I found, but there wasn't enough of that, but I think the zebra and the grey look nice together.

So that is the story behind the pillows and blanket that I started making back in January.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Foggy Night

It was a foggy night
And things were hidden
from sight.
Frosting up windows with dew.

Hard to see
But easy to hear.
Thickly rolled the fog.


That is the only part of a poem that I started writing a week ago. I started writing it after I came home late from work one day and had to drive through some really thick fog. There was supposed to be more to the poem, but I ran out of ideas and then forgot about it.

Since we moved into town and out of the country, I liked the fact the I wasn't driving through thick fog in complete darkness to get home. Even though the street lights helped some, it was still really foggy out. Although I did have the help of streetlights all the way home I still don't like driving at night in fog, or rain/wind.

The very first time I had to drive through thick fog at night was a few days after I first got my license and I was the designated driver for when Amanda, Yavi and I went to choir practice on Monday nights. It didn't help that we were driving along dark country roads. The only other time I had to drive through thick fog was earlier in the spring during the day, and I still didn't really like having to do it then either.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


 As you can probably see from my word counter for NaNoWriMo, I am not doing that well in my writing. The reason for that is because I have run out of steam and writing ideas for my work in progress. I have also been doing research for a persuasive speech that I have to give next week on Thursday.

But today/yesterday/whatever you want to call it, I found two writing prompts on Pinterest, what else is new, that started giving me ideas. Whether or not I use them to finish NaNo this year or not is another story. Even if I don't get around to finishing NaNo this year I can still try to work on my story the rest of the year.

Besides not finishing NaNo, school has been going well. Though it is hard to believe that the semester is almost over already. In the spring I am taking a psychology 101 class, Microsoft Word II and a third document formatting class. The psychology class sounds like it will be really interesting. The other two classes that I am taking in the spring are continuations of two of the classes that I am currently taking this semester, so those shouldn't be to hard to get through.

Well this is the end of my rambling for the night and I will post something sort of soon. If I don't post anything next week, I have a post scheduled for the beginning of the week of Thanksgiving. That post is a bit entertaining and I hope you enjoy reading it when it is posted.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

This Thing Called NaNoWriMo...

Yes I am doing NaNoWriMo Or National Novel Writing Month, this year. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to or not because of school and moving. But I decided to do it. This is what my word count currently looks like.

Part of the reason why I don't have a ton of words written yet is because I am having a hard time with finding ideas that work with my story. I did come up with an outline, that I am sort of following, but I also came up with another idea I want to try and slip into my story.

Part of what made me decide to do NaNo this year was because it would make me start writing the story that is in my head. Even if I don't reach 50,000 words by the end of the month I am still going to work on my story. After November is over I might post a few snippets of my story, or I might post one or two short segments before then. Who knows. So that you can how I am doing with my writing I am putting a participation badge over on the side.While I go continue to write and do homework, here is the synopsis of my novel that I am writing.

Arthur King is your average college student. He lives with his grandparents after his parents and older brother disappeared when he was younger. Now his cousin has appeared in Arthur's life and is seeking revenge that Arthur has to deal with.