Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Foggy Night

It was a foggy night
And things were hidden
from sight.
Frosting up windows with dew.

Hard to see
But easy to hear.
Thickly rolled the fog.


That is the only part of a poem that I started writing a week ago. I started writing it after I came home late from work one day and had to drive through some really thick fog. There was supposed to be more to the poem, but I ran out of ideas and then forgot about it.

Since we moved into town and out of the country, I liked the fact the I wasn't driving through thick fog in complete darkness to get home. Even though the street lights helped some, it was still really foggy out. Although I did have the help of streetlights all the way home I still don't like driving at night in fog, or rain/wind.

The very first time I had to drive through thick fog at night was a few days after I first got my license and I was the designated driver for when Amanda, Yavi and I went to choir practice on Monday nights. It didn't help that we were driving along dark country roads. The only other time I had to drive through thick fog was earlier in the spring during the day, and I still didn't really like having to do it then either.

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