Thursday, November 12, 2015


 As you can probably see from my word counter for NaNoWriMo, I am not doing that well in my writing. The reason for that is because I have run out of steam and writing ideas for my work in progress. I have also been doing research for a persuasive speech that I have to give next week on Thursday.

But today/yesterday/whatever you want to call it, I found two writing prompts on Pinterest, what else is new, that started giving me ideas. Whether or not I use them to finish NaNo this year or not is another story. Even if I don't get around to finishing NaNo this year I can still try to work on my story the rest of the year.

Besides not finishing NaNo, school has been going well. Though it is hard to believe that the semester is almost over already. In the spring I am taking a psychology 101 class, Microsoft Word II and a third document formatting class. The psychology class sounds like it will be really interesting. The other two classes that I am taking in the spring are continuations of two of the classes that I am currently taking this semester, so those shouldn't be to hard to get through.

Well this is the end of my rambling for the night and I will post something sort of soon. If I don't post anything next week, I have a post scheduled for the beginning of the week of Thanksgiving. That post is a bit entertaining and I hope you enjoy reading it when it is posted.

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