Monday, November 23, 2015

The Longest Knitting Project Ever...

Here is the story behind the pillows that I was making, that I said I would tell here.

Middle Picture: the original idea.
Right and Left Pictures: The pillow cases

It all started back in January when I decided to knit a blanket for one of my cousin's who had just gotten engaged. After looking for the right yarn and Michael's, and Wal-Mart, I found fluffy white and black yarn at Hobby Lobby that I decided to use. Once I got several balls of yarn I started working on the blanket.

The first blanket pattern I used wasn't turning out like the picture that came with the pattern, I think that was because I wasn't reading the pattern correctly. So I decided to ditch that pattern and start over with a different pattern. After five tries and a lot of tears, hand cramping, and frustration, there wasn't really any tears I just thought it sounded good, I gave up on trying to make anything with the yarn. It was a pain in the neck to use and by the fifth try it wasn't starting to look very pretty. Since I had two variegated skeins of yarn stashed away in my room from previous projects I decided to make something with them instead.

The pattern I found to make the pillowcases with was very easy to follow so I decided to use that pattern. In the pattern it says to use size 8 needles but I decided to use a size 11 and I like the way that the covers turned out. I also added strips to the pattern as well as I was making it. Though I have a hard time lining up strips when I add them to kitting projects. I also made it 24 inches long instead of 23 1/2 inches, and it still works with a 16x16 pillow.

Since I still wanted to include a blanket with the pillows I decided to get a couple yards of fleece and do a no sew blanket. Because my cousin likes zebra pattern stuff I found zebra patterned fleece at Wal-Mart and got a light grey fleece to go with it. Originally I wanted to use the burgundy fleece that I found, but there wasn't enough of that, but I think the zebra and the grey look nice together.

So that is the story behind the pillows and blanket that I started making back in January.

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