Friday, December 18, 2015

O Adonai

O Adonai (Exod 6: 13) 
and Ruler of the house of Israel (Matt 2: 6), You appeared to Moses in the fire of the burning bush (Exod 3: 2) and on Mount Sinai gave him Your Law (Exod 20). * Come, and with an outstretched arm redeem us (Jer 32: 21).

Veni, Veni, Adonai, qui populo in Sinai
legem dedisti vertice in maiestate gloriae.

(3) O Come, O Come, Thou Lord of might,
who to thy tribes on Sinai's height
in ancient times didst give the law,
in cloud, and majesty, and awe.

Exodus 3:2
Isaiah 33:22; 63:11-12
Micah 6:4
Acts 7:30-31

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