Thursday, December 10, 2015

The End is in Sight and Other Random Things

While the picture really doesn't have anything to do with the semester ending next week I liked it and wanted to use a picture in this post. In case I haven't mentioned this before, a large majority of the photos that I include in my posts are from the website Unsplash.

Since it is the end of the semester and finals are happening for a lot of people, mine are next week, I was going to write a post about it being the end of the semester. But I am not entirely sure if I would be able to do that without boring people to death with it. So I am not going to do that. Instead I am going to just write about a bunch of random topics like I usually end up doing when I don't have anything specific in mind that I want to write about.

Of course the end of the school semester also means Christmas is almost here. And that means that I have to start getting Christmas presents. The parental figures are easy to get presents for since my siblings and I always get them something together. The same goes with grandparents. After that we just have to get a present for the person that we picked for this year. Since we are supposed to keep the name of the sibling that we picked a secret, until Christmas morning, I can't say who I have. So I won't say anymore then that because most of my family reads what I post here. Maybe after Christmas I will say who I picked.

Having a really nice library across the street from your house comes in handy, because if you need to get away from the noise at home you can just walk to the library. Since we moved I have walked across the street several times already to work on homework. And that has been really nice.

Well that is all I have to say right now. But I will do my best to post something next week.

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