Monday, February 22, 2016


The picture to the left is a picture of all of the knitting needles that I own. Also fetures is a kitting gague, which I haven't ever used, a cable needle, a stitch holder, and place markers. Not pictured are the point protectors and yarn needles that I own.

Lately I have been thinking of starting another knitting project, even though February is almost over and we are getting closer to spring. So this evening I pullef out my bag of knitting needles and started organizing them all on the floor. That was when I got the random idea to do a blog post on them.

The first pair of size 8 needles that I got, not pictured, were given to me by my grandma years ago. My grandma also gave me a pair of size 10 circular knitting needles. My grandma taught me how to knit, though we use to different styles. Since then I have added more needles to my collection. So far I have only bought two sets of needles out of the 18 sets of needles that I own. I bought a set of double pointed needles and set of circular needles. 

One thing that I want to try at some point is arm knitting. I have pinned a lot of arm knitting patterns on Pinterest and you can find the right kind of yarn for that at Michael's. So if I can't find any other knitting ideas to ues, I might give the arm knitting a try. If I  do I will make sure to share pictures.

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