Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Queen of taking apart projects

I came up with the title for this post the other day when I was taking apart the blanket that I had started working on. The reason why I was taking it apart is because I hadn't gotten enough yarn when I was at Michael's. And when I realized that I went back to Michael's earlier this week to get more of the yarn I needed and they were out of it.

So after a slight freak out moment and wandering around and looking at all of the other yarn options and asking my mom about I should do, we decided that it would make more sense to start over with new yarn. Now instead of wasting the yarn that I had originally gotten for the blanket, I am going to save it and turn it into a baby blanket to give away when it is finished. Once I finish the baby blanket and the new blanket that I am making for myself I will post pictures.

The besides it coming into mind the other day when taking apart the blanket, the title also works for all of the knitting projects that I have done that I have taken apart. Whenever I start knitting something and then start to take it apart Amanda always asks my why I do it. I usually tell her that I decided that I didn't to work on it anymore and when would I ever use it once it was finished. So that is how I am the "queen" of taking apart knitting projects.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

'Sup Folks

I am officially on spring break at the moment. Well it technically started last week on Thursday when my Psychology class ended for the day. I was supposed to have some homework to do this week for two of my classes, but that is all finished and turned in online, so the only thing that I have to worry about that is school related is studying for a Psychology test that I have next week, and signing up for a class that I have to take over the summer.

Even though it's actually not until Thursday, my family and I celebrated St. Patrick's Day with my dad's side of the family on Sunday. One of the things that I always look forward too when we celebrate this feast day is the amazing Irish Soda Bread that my grandma makes every year. I hate to brag, but it is the best bread ever.

A few weeks ago, while studying at the library, I found a book series that involved knitting called The Beach Street series. While the series was good, it wasn't anything spectacular and what I would be inclined to pick up to re-read often. It is mainly because of the swearing, and how often it was used that turned me off a bit. Since the series is set in England, I had to remember that football for England is actually soccer. Now I am reading another book series that involves knitting, but this time the series involves mysteries and is set in America. When you go from one knitting related book series to another, and they are set in different countries, you have to remember that and not get confused.

From what I've read so far of the first book in the Seaside Knitters Mystery series, it sounds like a good book. I currently have the first four books of the series checked out. I probably would have checked out more of the series, but I didn't want to seem to excited or anything about knitting and reading. Not to mention I didn't have a bag to stick them all in, cause I was at the library doing more homework and there wasn't room in my backpack.

So that I what I have been up to so far folks. Not much, but I felt like my blog warranted a post of some sort. And if I didn't say this in last week's knitting related post, I will post pictures of the blanket that I am working on and the other two projects that I had previously started (if I ever finish them).

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Knitting Projects

Over a month ago I had gotten several books full of knitting patterns from the library because I wanted to start knitting something again, but needed new ideas. As I was flipping through the books there were some patterns that I wanted to try. A week or two ago I started working on a pattern for an ear-warmer, using the pattern that was in one of the books. Then I decided to also give a pattern for a potholder, that was in one of the other books, a try at the same time. Though I only got as far as casting on the correct number of stitches for the potholder.

The reason why I didn't get very far with the potholder pattern is because last week, while I was at Michael's with my two youngest siblings, I came across several balls of this really pretty thick grey variegated yarn and the first idea the popped into my head was to use it and give arm knitting a try. But then I went over to where the knitting needles were hanging and found that they had several pairs of size 19 needles. So, instead of trying to figure arm knitting out, I grabbed a pair of the size 19 needles and two balls of the yarn and bought them. Now I am slowly working on making myself a blanket, since it will look nice in my bedroom with the color scheme.

The pattern I am using can be found here (it is all the way at the bottom).