Sunday, March 6, 2016

Knitting Projects

Over a month ago I had gotten several books full of knitting patterns from the library because I wanted to start knitting something again, but needed new ideas. As I was flipping through the books there were some patterns that I wanted to try. A week or two ago I started working on a pattern for an ear-warmer, using the pattern that was in one of the books. Then I decided to also give a pattern for a potholder, that was in one of the other books, a try at the same time. Though I only got as far as casting on the correct number of stitches for the potholder.

The reason why I didn't get very far with the potholder pattern is because last week, while I was at Michael's with my two youngest siblings, I came across several balls of this really pretty thick grey variegated yarn and the first idea the popped into my head was to use it and give arm knitting a try. But then I went over to where the knitting needles were hanging and found that they had several pairs of size 19 needles. So, instead of trying to figure arm knitting out, I grabbed a pair of the size 19 needles and two balls of the yarn and bought them. Now I am slowly working on making myself a blanket, since it will look nice in my bedroom with the color scheme.

The pattern I am using can be found here (it is all the way at the bottom).

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