Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Queen of taking apart projects

I came up with the title for this post the other day when I was taking apart the blanket that I had started working on. The reason why I was taking it apart is because I hadn't gotten enough yarn when I was at Michael's. And when I realized that I went back to Michael's earlier this week to get more of the yarn I needed and they were out of it.

So after a slight freak out moment and wandering around and looking at all of the other yarn options and asking my mom about I should do, we decided that it would make more sense to start over with new yarn. Now instead of wasting the yarn that I had originally gotten for the blanket, I am going to save it and turn it into a baby blanket to give away when it is finished. Once I finish the baby blanket and the new blanket that I am making for myself I will post pictures.

The besides it coming into mind the other day when taking apart the blanket, the title also works for all of the knitting projects that I have done that I have taken apart. Whenever I start knitting something and then start to take it apart Amanda always asks my why I do it. I usually tell her that I decided that I didn't to work on it anymore and when would I ever use it once it was finished. So that is how I am the "queen" of taking apart knitting projects.

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