Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Paris, Comics, Poetry, First Book in a Series...

After reading the title of this post you are wondering what those all have in common besides being books. Well every month my library has a row of shelves in the Adult section where they highlight a couple different types of books that they have.

The themes for the month of April are:

  • April in Paris
  • Comic books
  • Poetry 
  • First Book in a Series

So far the only theme section that I have found any interesting books in was "April in Paris." I am not a huge comic book or poetry fan so those themes didn't sound interesting. None of the books in the  "First Book in a Series" didn't jump out and grab my attention either.

I just finished reading "One Evening in Paris." At first I felt like it moved a little slow, but then it picked up and didn't take me long to finish it once I got into it more. Because the two books that I had just read previously were set in the 1970's, I had it in my head that "One Evening in Paris" was set during that time period as well. But it is set during current times.

So if you are looking doe something new to read, I would recommend giving "One Evening in Paris" a try. One of the other books that I just read is called "The Other Me" and it was an interesting book as well. While not set in Paris, "The Other Me" is geared a little bit more towards the 20+ age range. I forget what the name of the third book was that I had read, and what it was about otherwise I would recommend it as well. 

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