Thursday, May 12, 2016

Foggy Night

Back in November I started writing a poem I called "Foggy Night," but I had only written the firs two stanzas, even though Amanda said that I needed to finish it. Well I didn't follow her advise until yesterday when the thick fog we had in the morning inspired me a bit to finish it. So here is the completed poem of "Foggy Night."

It was a foggy night
And things were hidden
From sight.
Frosting up windows with dew.

Hard to see
But easy to hear.
Thickly rolled the fog.

Through the fog

things appeared.
When they appeared 
they quickly disappeared
from sight.

As the fog rolled though

People stayed in, and
few bravely ventured out
into the late night fog.

By mornings light

the fog slowly started to disappear.
In the afternoon light the fog
has disappeared from sight
never to return.

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