Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Scavenger Hunt + Photography = Sounds Like Fun Part II

Remember the post I did during July last year that I talked about a photography themed scavenger hunt? If you don't remember it that its fine, because I almost didn't remember what month I had posted it it. It took me a couple months, *cough* because I forgot about it for a little while *cough*, but it is finished. Since I just posted all of the pictures that I took on Facebook I decided to compile them all into a couple collages so that it would be easier to share on here. If you are interested in doing the scavenger hunt yourself the list can be found here.

Out of all of the different photo a day challenges that I have done, I liked this one the best. I liked the scavenger hunt the best because you can do it whenever you feel like it and because you aren't bound to one specific month at a time, even though the other photo challenges were fun to do.

Collage 1: Something red, Something to eat, Something clean, Something sharp, Something blue, Something that moves, Something hard, Something noisy, Something tiny.

Collage 2: Something pink, Something wet, Something heavy, Something soft, Something light, Something purple, Something smooth, Something tall, Something fluffy, Something colorful, Something short, Something orange, Something black, Something green, Something with hair, Something alive.

Collage 3: Something dirty, Something smaller than a mouse, Something special, Something with wheels.

Collage 4: Something shiny, Something white, Something yellow, Something tasty, Something stinky, Something glittery, Something you love.

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