Saturday, June 25, 2016

31 DBC: 5 Favorite Blogs

This is one of the blog posts where I knew already what I was going to say so it was easy to pick five blogs that I enjoy reading.

1. Homeschooling with Joy. The first blog on the list belongs to my dear mother. Although she hasn't posted much lately, and I know pretty much everything that goes on around our house, I still enjoy reading what she writes on her blog.

2. Elenatintil. This blog belongs to a friend of mine. It is one of my favorite blogs because I enjoy reading what my friend shares on her blog.

3. Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe. This blog is run by another friend of mine. Shealynn runs her own business, which can be found through her blog, and shares pictures of the items that she makes and sells. It is one of my favorite blogs to read because I enjoy seeing everything that she makes and shares on her blog.

4. Books, Roses and Wine. Even though Amanda is my sister, and she sometimes shares stuff that happens at home, just like our mom, I still enjoy reading what she shares.

5. Fresh Modesty. While I don't remember how I found this blog I still enjoy reading what Olivia, the owner of the blog, writes.

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