Friday, June 10, 2016

31 DBC: First Celebrity Crush

When I first saw what the question was that I had to answer for today's post, I already knew my answer. And the answer to who my first celebrity crush is *drum-roll* no one. Celebrity crushes is one of those things that I think is kind of weird and kind of stalker like. While I enjoy watching TV shows and movies I can't say that I have ever had a celebrity crush on any of the actors.

Even though there are four rather hansom looking dudes in the picture provided I don't have a crush on any of them. Just because three out of the four actors play characters in TV shows that I enjoy watching doesn't mean that I am required to have a crush on them. If you asked me a year from now who my first celebrity crush was I would probably still be able to tell you that I never had a crush on a celebrity, and probably never will. And no matter how hard you pester me about it my answer will always be no, because I am the kind of person who doesn't see the point in having a crush on someone, even if they are a celebrity, but that is just my opinion.

Sorry for the mini rant, but I just had to say how I feel about crushes and that I haven't ever had a celebrity crush or a non-celebrity crush on someone. Any how so long, farewell until tomorrow's post.

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