Sunday, June 19, 2016

31 DBC: My Worst Habits

Habits are something that we deal with on a daily basis. Sometimes they are good habits and sometimes they are bad habits.

1. Not putting my clothes away before bed or when I get up in the morning.

2. Not doing a chore right away when I am first asked to do it.

3. Snacking when I don't really need too.

While the above list isn't my worst habits, they aren't good habits. And while there are probably more bad habits that I could add to the list, those are all I could think of at the moment. Like with everything else in life you can make the bad habits better, but only if you work on them. While I might not do them right away I do put my clothes away and at times I do chores without being asked. But the not snacking all the time habit is something that still needs a bit of work.

I don't know if this counts as a bad/worst habit or not, but I can be a bit stubborn at times and I know that my family doesn't appreciate that. But like I just mentioned above, if you don't work on them bad habits won't turn into good habits.

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