Tuesday, June 21, 2016

31 DBC: Something I Miss

The topic for today made it easy for me to figure out what I was going to say here and that what I am going to say is more about someone that I miss rather than something.

The someone that I miss is my grandpa. My grandpa died October, 2013 from Acute Leukemia and it was, and still can be, hard because no one really had the chance to say good-bye.

My grandpa was always there for all 16 grandkids. No matter what the weather my grandpa would be there supporting all of us in our sports or plays. And when he wasn't working or spending time with his family, you could always find my grandpa having a cup of coffee with his friends. And if they weren't having coffee my grandpa and his friends were off fishing somewhere or playing a round of golf.

My grandpa was always coming up with goofy nicknames for everyone or telling a joke. He even came up with a story about keeping a lion in the tool shed at the house. No matter what my grandpa was always laughing about something and hanging out with everyone. Even though I really miss my grandpa I know that I will see him again in heaven.

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