Wednesday, June 29, 2016

31 DBC: Top Things on My Bucket List

While there are things that I want to do at some point in the future I never really thought of it as a bucket list. For me a bucket list consists of random things that aren't really done on a frequent basis or when you hear something that isn't typically normal. An example of hearing something that typically isn't the normal thing to hear is a cat throwing up, that happened a couple weeks ago when I was at work.

Because I don't have an official bucket list I can't share the top things that are on it. Unless you count visiting Europe, or going to a concert as a top thing on your bucket list. So far I have only done one of the two examples I just gave. Last year over the summer my family and I went to a Piano Guys concert when they were in the area. It was amazing and something that I crossed off of my sort of existent bucket list.

Getting to listen to a cat puke was something that I mentally crossed off of my bucket list as well, though it wasn't at the top of the list of things to do/hear. But that is besides the point. So instead of having an official bucket list I have a mental list that I keep in my head and if I think that something I did was worthy enough I consider it crossed off the bucket list.

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