Monday, June 27, 2016

31 DBC: What Makes Me Feel Better, Always

I am the kind of person who doesn't easily tell people what the problem is, if I am upset or frustrated about something. And I hate it when people bug me to tell them what the matter is. To me, if I am being bugged to explain how I am feeling at a particular moment, I take longer to respond. When I am ready to tell someone how I am feeling about something I will tell them then, and I will do it because I want to and not because they want me too. While I may have a hard time telling others about how I am feeling at at particular moment, there are different things that make me happy.

The first one on the list is going to Adoration!! I love being able to go to an Adoration chapel and sit in silence with Jesus and just think. Silence is something that I enjoy and being able to sit in an Adoration chapel in silence is something that makes me feel better.

The second one on the list is just being there for other people when they need someone to listen too. Because sometimes someone might need to talk about a subject that is weight them down and there is no one in their house who may be available to listen. So as a friend it is important to me to be there for others if they need someone to listen.

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