Thursday, June 16, 2016

31 DBC: Your Favorite Season and Why

Fall, autumn, the season when leaves fall off all of the trees, the season between summer and winter. Out of the four seasons my favorite is fall, even though I was born in the winter.

What I love about fall is all of the leaves changing colors and watching the leaves as they fall off of the trees. I also love the cooler temperatures, because it's not really summer anymore but it's winter yet. Fall also means that you can slowly start bringing out the big sweaters and comfy blankets.

Fall is also a time of hot drinks, like tea, apple cider, coffee, and hot chocolate. It is also a time for bonfires, which I love the smell of. And when there are enough leaves on the ground you can make large leave piles to jump in. Pumpkins are a large part of fall as well.

There is a large pumpkin farm not far from my house and my family used to go there every year when I was younger and we have started going there again. I enjoy going there because it makes fall feel official and I enjoy looking at all of the different kinds of pumpkins that are there as well as enjoying the fresh air and the smell of hay in the air.

That is why fall is my favorite season of the year. Spring is my second favorite season, because everything is coming back to life.

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