Saturday, July 30, 2016

Malt Baby Blanket

Since you are probably wondering why I have become "obsessed" with knitting baby blankets I will try to explain.

taken by me.
As you all know I finished knitting this blanket several weeks ago. Shortly after I had finished making the blanket, and had given it to the recipient, I heard that the wife of a coworker is expecting. So it was suggested that I make a baby blanket for them. This time I am using a baby blanket pattern that I had found and saved on Pinterest. Since I don't know the gender of the recipient for this blanket, I chose a pretty yellow yarn to make the blanket with.

Even though the pattern suggests that you use circular needles to make the blanket with, I decided to make the blanket using straight needles instead. While circular needles make it easier to hold all 135 stitches on it, I can't stand using circular needles. Before I started knitting the blanket, it was suggested that I add a light purple yarn to it as well. While I like the idea of adding the purple in, I haven't figured out how to do it yet, since the blanket is made in one piece.

Even if I don't figure out how to add the purple yarn to the blanket, I will post pictures of the completed project later. To make the blanket I am using is Caron Soft Yellow. Even if I don't find away to use the purple yarn in this blanket I have an idea to use it for.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

You Know You Enjoy Writing When...

You have six boards on Pinterest that are related to writing. The names of the six boards that I have are: Tips and Tricks, Inspiration, Prompts, WriterProblems, Grammar and Fonts, and Worksheets.

 Tips and Tricks. This board is full of links to different articles/blog posts that people have written on how to create characters, what to do and what not to do with writing a story, and similar topics. I created this board first so that I had some place to stash all of the writing related pins that I found on pinterest.

Inspiration. This board I created so that it would be easier to find all of the pictures that I had saved to use as inspiration when I am writing.

Prompts. Like with the 'Inspiration' board, I had created this one for all of the writing prompts that I came across.

WriterProblems. This is a fun board because quite a few of the pins that I save are quite true with how I deal with my writing. An example of this is: "It always sounds better in your head." For me that it very true. This is another one that I thought was funny and quite true of me as a writer. "You know you are a writer when you have more half-finished novels and ideas for stories than friends."

Grammar and Fonts. This board I don't do a whole lot with, but I created it so that if there was different fonts that I found and liked, there was a place to store them in case I decided to use them in the future. The grammar part of this board is mostly list of "Words to use instead of _____," and words that people mix up.

Worksheets. I created this board the other day when I started coming across a bunch of writing worksheets. So that I wouldn't loose them in my main writing board (Tips and Tricks) I created this board so that I could keep track of them easier. Although I haven't written on any of them, as of this moment, I have printed out pretty much all of the worksheets that I saved to this board.

Besides the six writing related boards that I have, and just mentioned, there are many other boards that I pin too. Feel free to find and follow me on Pinterest, I go by Megan D. on there.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Random Coincidences

(I was going to post this sooner, but I forgot about it.)

Back at the end of May, Amanda and I decided to go and visit some Japanese Gardens about an hour northwest-ish from where we live. After we had spent some time walking around the gardens, which are very pretty and peaceful, we decided to feed the Koi fish that are there. While I was waiting for Amanda, I was looking at some of the different items that were offered for purchase in the small gift shop. One if the items was this sign. *points to the picture*

taken by me
Seeing the sign  was a funny coincidence since I had gotten a wall hanging with the exact same words on it a month before. Even though I didn't buy it, the words are still great to remember, especially with what is happening in the world today. And no matter where we are or what we happen to doing at a particular moment, we still need to remember that we can be brave.

"Ask Jesus what he wants from you and be brave!" - Pope Francis

Friday, July 8, 2016

Strawberries and Cream Blanket

At the beginning of May I had posted that I was working on a baby blanket and hadn't decided on who the recipient was going to be. In that post I had said that I was going to be using five different colors for the blanket, instead I ended up doing only three colors. Pale pink, light green, and a cream/off white color that I had forgotten was in the bag.

I had started working on it right away and had gotten a decent amount done on the blanket before I stopped for a couple weeks because it was getting warmer out. But I started working on it again last month and I was able to finish it, though I had to pause in my knitting "frenzy" because I had to wear a brace on my hand for a few days because of a bit of tendenitis. I was able to start knitting again after half a week of wearing the brace and dealing with the tendenitis. So without further ado here is the finished product.

When I had first started knitting the blanket I was originally going to have the stripes be random sizes, but then I changed my mind and decided that it would look better to have the stripes be the same size. Even though I had to deal with hot weather, but thank goodness for air conditioning, and a couple days of tendenitis I like the way that the blanket turned out :)

Friday, July 1, 2016

31 DBC: Weird Quirk of Mine

This one I had to really think about because at first I couldn't really think of any weird quirks that I had. I was going to ask my family if they knew of any weird quirks that I have, but after I really thought about it I did come up with a weird quirk that I have. My weird quirk is that I can't sit up straight when I watch movies or something on tv. It doesn't matter if I am at home or at work and I am watching something, I have a hard time sitting up straight. My one sister hates sitting next to me on the couch when we watch stuff together because of that.

At the movie theaters it is a little different because it is hard to be comfortable in the chairs there. But anywhere else I tent to lounge/slouch. Even if some people don't consider not being able to sit up straight while watching something as a weird quirk, I am because I do it a lot. So that is a weird quick of mine.