Monday, July 18, 2016

Random Coincidences

(I was going to post this sooner, but I forgot about it.)

Back at the end of May, Amanda and I decided to go and visit some Japanese Gardens about an hour northwest-ish from where we live. After we had spent some time walking around the gardens, which are very pretty and peaceful, we decided to feed the Koi fish that are there. While I was waiting for Amanda, I was looking at some of the different items that were offered for purchase in the small gift shop. One if the items was this sign. *points to the picture*

taken by me
Seeing the sign  was a funny coincidence since I had gotten a wall hanging with the exact same words on it a month before. Even though I didn't buy it, the words are still great to remember, especially with what is happening in the world today. And no matter where we are or what we happen to doing at a particular moment, we still need to remember that we can be brave.

"Ask Jesus what he wants from you and be brave!" - Pope Francis

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