Saturday, July 30, 2016

Malt Baby Blanket

Since you are probably wondering why I have become "obsessed" with knitting baby blankets I will try to explain.

taken by me.
As you all know I finished knitting this blanket several weeks ago. Shortly after I had finished making the blanket, and had given it to the recipient, I heard that the wife of a coworker is expecting. So it was suggested that I make a baby blanket for them. This time I am using a baby blanket pattern that I had found and saved on Pinterest. Since I don't know the gender of the recipient for this blanket, I chose a pretty yellow yarn to make the blanket with.

Even though the pattern suggests that you use circular needles to make the blanket with, I decided to make the blanket using straight needles instead. While circular needles make it easier to hold all 135 stitches on it, I can't stand using circular needles. Before I started knitting the blanket, it was suggested that I add a light purple yarn to it as well. While I like the idea of adding the purple in, I haven't figured out how to do it yet, since the blanket is made in one piece.

Even if I don't figure out how to add the purple yarn to the blanket, I will post pictures of the completed project later. To make the blanket I am using is Caron Soft Yellow. Even if I don't find away to use the purple yarn in this blanket I have an idea to use it for.

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