Friday, July 8, 2016

Strawberries and Cream Blanket

At the beginning of May I had posted that I was working on a baby blanket and hadn't decided on who the recipient was going to be. In that post I had said that I was going to be using five different colors for the blanket, instead I ended up doing only three colors. Pale pink, light green, and a cream/off white color that I had forgotten was in the bag.

I had started working on it right away and had gotten a decent amount done on the blanket before I stopped for a couple weeks because it was getting warmer out. But I started working on it again last month and I was able to finish it, though I had to pause in my knitting "frenzy" because I had to wear a brace on my hand for a few days because of a bit of tendenitis. I was able to start knitting again after half a week of wearing the brace and dealing with the tendenitis. So without further ado here is the finished product.

When I had first started knitting the blanket I was originally going to have the stripes be random sizes, but then I changed my mind and decided that it would look better to have the stripes be the same size. Even though I had to deal with hot weather, but thank goodness for air conditioning, and a couple days of tendenitis I like the way that the blanket turned out :)

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