Wednesday, July 20, 2016

You Know You Enjoy Writing When...

You have six boards on Pinterest that are related to writing. The names of the six boards that I have are: Tips and Tricks, Inspiration, Prompts, WriterProblems, Grammar and Fonts, and Worksheets.

 Tips and Tricks. This board is full of links to different articles/blog posts that people have written on how to create characters, what to do and what not to do with writing a story, and similar topics. I created this board first so that I had some place to stash all of the writing related pins that I found on pinterest.

Inspiration. This board I created so that it would be easier to find all of the pictures that I had saved to use as inspiration when I am writing.

Prompts. Like with the 'Inspiration' board, I had created this one for all of the writing prompts that I came across.

WriterProblems. This is a fun board because quite a few of the pins that I save are quite true with how I deal with my writing. An example of this is: "It always sounds better in your head." For me that it very true. This is another one that I thought was funny and quite true of me as a writer. "You know you are a writer when you have more half-finished novels and ideas for stories than friends."

Grammar and Fonts. This board I don't do a whole lot with, but I created it so that if there was different fonts that I found and liked, there was a place to store them in case I decided to use them in the future. The grammar part of this board is mostly list of "Words to use instead of _____," and words that people mix up.

Worksheets. I created this board the other day when I started coming across a bunch of writing worksheets. So that I wouldn't loose them in my main writing board (Tips and Tricks) I created this board so that I could keep track of them easier. Although I haven't written on any of them, as of this moment, I have printed out pretty much all of the worksheets that I saved to this board.

Besides the six writing related boards that I have, and just mentioned, there are many other boards that I pin too. Feel free to find and follow me on Pinterest, I go by Megan D. on there.

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