Saturday, August 20, 2016

When You Discover Yarn Dyeing and Give It a Try

Just recently on Pinterest I had started saving pictures of different colored yarn to my main knitting board. Instead of letting the yarn pictures get lost in that board I created a separate board for me to pin them too. Because I had started pinning a lot of pictures of yarn, I started getting suggested pins that were related to dying yarn with kool-aid and food coloring. Of course I had to start saving all of the yarn dying pins as well as putting them in their own board. After looking through the different ways to dye yarn I picked one way that I liked and decided to give it a try. It also helped that I already had a couple skeins of white yarn (The instructions can be found here).

Because it is boring and not a whole lot is going on, I skipped taking pictures of the yarn soaking in the water/vinegar. I didn't bother taking pictures when the yarn was in the microwave either, because you can't really see anything. Since I hardly ever use green yarn for anything, I decided to use some of the green food coloring that is in the house to dye it.

Before I nuked it in the microwave for a few minutes.

Since the microwaving part didn't really work that well, I let the yarn cool off and soak in the water for a little while longer. In most of the yarn dying tutorials that I read it is recommended that you wear gloves any time you touch the dyed yarn while it is still wet. I didn't have gloves so my hands are dyed a faint green color at the moment. After my yarn has finished drying I will post a picture or two at a later date to show how it turned out.

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