Tuesday, September 6, 2016

3.5 Miles One Way

Instead of hitting the beaches/pools for Labor Day, like we did (or attempted to do) last year, my family and I went hiking/walking instead. My mom was calling it a romp through the woods. After starting the day off with morning mass at the church that we attend and filling up water bottles and grabbing a snack, we set off to a forest preserve that is a couple minutes north of where we live.

taken by me :)
When we found a parking spot, there was a lot of people there, we started walking in the direction of the waterfall. *points to picture* Since it had been a number of years since any of us had been in this particular forest preserve we all forgot how far it was from where we had parked to where the waterfall was. By the time we reached the waterfall we had walked 3.5 miles one way.

Since we were all rather tired from the long, hot walk we had just done, the cold water felt wonderful. After wading around for a bit my dad and brother ran back to where we had parked and drove the car around to the parking lot that was closer to the waterfall.

Even though the walk/hike/romp took longer than anticipated we still enjoyed it.

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