Monday, January 2, 2017

A Themed Gift Guide

I know that we are just leaving the Christmas season and that you may be wondering why I am talking about themed gifts. Especially since this seems like a topic that would be helpful before Christmas day. The reason why I am posting this now is that because themed gifts work for birthdays as well as graduations, going away parties, etc.

painted and photographed by me
For a number of years now, instead of getting a present for every single sibling, as well as the parents, because it gets rather expensive, my family has started doing this thing where my mom puts all of the siblings names on pieces of paper and then puts it into a bowl. We are then supposed to pick a name out of the bowl and that is the sibling that we buy a present, or two, for that Christmas. And this year, once I had the name of the sibling that I was buying for, I slowly started coming up with ideas as to what to buy for my "person" as we have started calling them.

My "person" this year for Christmas was my sister Yaviel. Because she hadn't turned in a Christmas list and didn't know what she wanted for Christmas, it took me a little while to figure something out. Since I had two skeins of blue yarn left over from a knitting project that I had started working on, I pulled them out of my large basket of yarn and started knitting an infinity scarf, using a pattern that I found on Pinterest (I mentioned this scarf in a post that I did back in November). Since I know that Yavi likes the color blue, I started building off of that. Part of her present is the bowl to put candy, keys, etc. in. The last part of her present, besides a bag of skittles to put in the bowl, I had a sweatshirt done that says "Queen" on the front with a crown over it, on the front of the sweatshirt. It also says it on the sleeves and the front part of the hood.

Now you are probably wondering what this all has to do with a themed gift guide. Well, doing a themed gift isn't that hard to do and I wanted to tell you about the themed gift that I gave to my sister for Christmas, because it is part of what gave me the idea for this blog post. Anyhow, onto the themed gift guide.

When creating a themed gift it is rather easy to do. You simply start by picking something simple like a favorite color. Once you have the base picked out you can shop for the present(s) or, if you are feeling very crafty, you can make it at home. After picking out/making the present(s), the wrapping happens and you can be as creative as you want when wrapping the present(s). Once the present is wrapped you are good to go to the party.

And that is all there really is to the themed gift guide. So have fun when you are looking for a present or two for the next birthday/office/etc. party that you are heading too.

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