Sunday, January 22, 2017

Whimsical Kitchen

Are you looking for a new dish towel or two for the kitchen? Or a new pencil bag? Or even a clean/dirty magnet to put on your dishwasher? Well I know the perfect place to get all three at once. And you can buy them all without even having to even leave your house. All three items, plus potholders, can be purchased on the Whimsical Kitchen website.

This website is run/owned by my friend Elizabeth as a way to share "Unique, Geeky, Vintage-inspired and Artistic dishtowels," and other items, with people who enjoy cooking and creating in the kitchen.Because of the variety offered they work great as gifts, especially if you know someone who is in the kitchen often.  Besides bringing personality to your kitchen and being inexpensive, there are several ways for you to follow Whimsical Kitchen online for updates on new designs and sales.

Now that I have told you about how they make great gifts and as personality to a kitchen, or office if you get a pencil holder, go follow Whimsical Kitchen. 

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