Thursday, February 16, 2017


At the end of January I picked up a skein of Red Heart Green Tones yarn and decided to use it for a project that I will be starting. The yarn color and something that my mom said inspired me to make shamrocks for the current knitting project that I am working on. So off course I started looking around on Pinterest for an easy pattern for knitting shamrocks and the pattern that I am using can be found on the site Studio Knit.

Since St. Patrick's day is just under a month away you can knit or crochet up a couple shamrocks to add to your outfit or to carry around so that you have some green and don't get pinched. Even though I don't crochet there are patterns for shamrocks as well. The yarn that I used to make the shamrocks is the yarn that I dyed back in August. Here is a picture of the shamrocks that I have made.

picture by me
I don't know what brand of yarn I used for this because I got it for free and it didn't have the label with it. When I made it I used a size 6 needle for the leafs and a size 6 in double pointed needles for the stem. This is the first shamrock that I made and I have made two more, using the same yarn and a size 3 needle instead of the size 6 for the leaves. Once the shamrocks are on the project that they are intended for and the project is finished I will do a post with a picture of the completed project.

This is the caption that I included with the picture on Instagram/Facebook:

Even though I don't really see the point in naming inanimate objects this is Sherlock the shamrock. It only has a name because my brain keeps wanting to change shamrock to Sherlock, because lately I have been pinning stuff from Sherlock on Pinterest.

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