Thursday, February 2, 2017

Story Without a Name

A couple weeks ago I was texting a friend of mine, who we will call Elsa, and after a while Elsa suggested that the two of us do a role playing game. Once we had each created a character and a basic story line, as well as a third character who hasn't been introduced yet who I am in charge of writing we started. After we had started working on it I liked how my side of the story was going so I decided to turn it into more of a story so I started flushing what I had already written and started adding things in. Since I just started writing it the story doesn't have a name yet.

They aren't the greatest but here are the first few paragraphs that I have written so far.

At 5’2” Carrie Richards barely touched the edge of the sleeping bag that sat on top of the shelving unit in the basement that held all of her camping gear. Grasping what she could Carrie pulled the fat roll towards her. Once it was off the shelf Carrie placed the sleeping bag next to the stairs. Facing the shelves again Carrie pulled everything that she needed off of them. When all of the camping gear was out of the basement Carrie placed it all in a neat pile next to the end of her SUV. Going back inside Carrie sat down at the large island in her kitchen with a pad of paper and a pen and created a list of all of the food that she would need as well as anything extra that needed to come with her. After she finished creating the list Carrie walked through her house and made piles of all of the things on her list that she had. Once she finished doing that Carrie walked down the street to get the rest of what she needed.

When everything was packed in an orderly fashion in the trunk of the SUV Carrie walked through the house and turned a light on in several rooms and closed the blinds. Once she finished Carrie climbed into her car and pulled out of the drive way. As she drove down the gravel road towards town and the highway Carrie smiled at the thought of several days relaxing in the woods. By the time Carrie reached the campground it was late and the ranger had already left for the day. After eating a quick snack Carrie made herself comfortable in the back seat of the car and went to sleep. In the morning, when the ranger returned, Carrie got a camping sight with electricity and drove out of the parking lot. When she found the number on her ticket Carrie pulled into the camp site and parked her car. Opening the trunk Carrie unloaded the tent and started setting it up.

Once the tent was set up Carrie placed a door mat in front of the entrance and then took her shoes off. Carrie stepped inside the tent with a broom and started sweeping out the dirt and dust that had been tracked inside. When she finished Carrie placed her sleeping bag and pillow inside along with her duffel bag of clothing. Once the rest of the camp had been set up Carrie looked at her watch and saw that it was lunch time. Picking up a small bucket Carrie walked along the path towards the bath house and found the water pump and filled her bucket up on her way back from the bathroom. When she returned to her campsite with the water Carrie started a fire in the fire pit and placed a pot on the edge of the grill and heated some of the water in it so that she could wash dishes.

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