Thursday, March 2, 2017

8 Weeks In

Well we are eight weeks into the second half of the school year and so far it has been going well for me. All of my classes are very interesting and I am enjoying them so far. So far I have had two tests, multiple quizzes and discussion boards. The classes that I am taking this semester are Desktop Publishing, which is fun, Intro to Visual Arts, and Advanced Microsoft Office.

In my Desktop Publishing class we are learning hoe to create certificates, newsletters and flyers. I find this class to be a lot of fun and pretty easy. On the first day of class we learned to how to add pictures, watermarks, and similar fonts and colors to a document so that they stand out and don't look boring.

Intro to Visual Arts is a really interesting class, because we are learning about how art is influenced by the culture and time period when and where it was created. We are also getting a brief introduction into a lot of the materials that are used in the creation of art. The homework for this class is pretty easy because there is a chapter quiz/test each week and they are easy to do and then there is a discussion board for each chapter. For the discussion boards our teacher gives us several questions that we have to answer and then we have to respond to two of our peers.

The last class that I am taking this semester is Advanced Microsoft Office. It is a continuation of a class that I took back in the fall and we are learning how to use Excel and Access more. the first two weeks of class were introducing ourselves to our class members and then doing a brief refresher of Word. Besides turning the homework in each week there is a quiz for each chapter as well as a discussion board that we have to participate in when we finish doing all of the homework.

That is all I have to say about this semester so far and I hope that you enjoyed the short break from the yarn/knitting posts that I have just done.

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