Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Malt Baby Blanket: Part 2

Back in July I wrote a post about a baby blanket that I had started making using a pattern that I found Pinterest. I finished the blanket several weeks ago and added the three shamrocks that I had made.

When I first started working on the blanket the pattern told me to do a certain amount of garter stitch rows and then do the rest of the blanket, with the exception of the border, in stockinette stitch. I thought that it was a little weird/odd that they would have you do that, though I'm sure that it would look pretty. Since I didn't see the point in that one of my sisters suggested that I keep making the blanket the way that I had been. So I did.

In October or November, I can't remember, after having worked on the blanket for several months I needed a break so I stopped working on the blanket. Instead I started working on a different knitting project that I had started back towards the beginning of last year that I have been work on and off. I also made a scarf for one of my sisters as well during that time period, though I forgot to take a picture of it.

In mid-January I decided that I had taken a long enough break from working on the blanket so I picked it up again. When I measured the blanket to see how long it was, since I had stopped working on it for a while, I realized that I was closer to finishing, though it still seemed far away, the blanket then I last remembered. The measurements for the finished blanket is 30 x 32. I made it an inch longer which is fine because babies grow up fast. So it works out well :)

Even though it is hard to tell from the picture the shamrocks are a light green/white color. And it was my mom's idea to add a little bit of green to the blanket. If you haven't seen the post I did already about making the shamrocks go check it out, I included the link for the post in the first paragraph. And that is the story of how I finally finished making the baby blanket. Thanks for reading and I hope you stay around.

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