Thursday, April 6, 2017

Double Corners

Remember back in September of 2015 when I shared a post about a ball of scrap yarn that I had started? Well it has grown bigger since then and I started using it for another knitting project. The knitting project that I am working on at the moment is another blanket. Instead of being the traditional style where you work back and forth in rows, the blanket is made in the shape of a square. The pattern I am using is called Ten Stitch Blanket.

Taken by me
As you have probably already guessed, I found the pattern on Pinterest. I found the pattern a while ago and had printed it out to give it a try, but I go stuck on how you create the first half of the mitered corner so I just gave up. I forget when I found it but I found a video on Youtube that gives good instructions on how to do the mitered corners and joining along the sides.

Even though I found the pattern on Pinterest it is on Ravelry, which has a lot of patterns for knitters and crocheters. Speaking of crocheting, even though I don't do it, there is a crochet version of the Ten Stitch Blanket and you can find it on Pinterest if you are interested in making this blanket.

About a week or so ago I was looking for another blanket pattern to try, since I was pausing in the progress of the baby blanket that I had started working on back in February because I need to get more yarn for it. So like usual I went on Pinterest and started looking for a pattern to use and I came across the Ten Stitch Blanket pattern and decided to try it again. Since I watched the tutorial video several times I was able to understand the pattern better and I have been working on it since then. The picture *points* is one of the mitered corners that I did the other day and I like ow it turned out, because it perfectly shows the color change in the yarns that I am using and the corner turned out perfect.

What I like about this pattern is that is super easy to do and you don't have to worry about stopping in the middle of a row if you have to stop and do something. Another thing that I like about this blanket is that you can use any size needle that you want, I am using a size 6 straight needle, and you can use straight, circular, or double pointed needles depending on what your preference is. The same goes for the yarn and what type you use for making the blanket. Since I typically use worsted yarn I had a lot of odds and ends laying around which I used to created the large yarn ball I am using to make the blanket. When it is finished the blanket will be a variety of color. This is the practice blanket and I plan on using this pattern in the future using one color or coordinating colors.

(the name came about because at the beginning of the pattern you have to knit two mitered corners)

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