Friday, May 19, 2017

Week 2 - Books

The library, or your own house, is always a good place to find books for this week's challenge. Even though my family owns a lot of books I went across the street to the local library instead.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Week 1 - 10:36 a.m.

Today starts the 40 week photography challenge! Have fun! 

At 10:36 a.m. I am editing closed captions on a clip of "Henry IV" for work.

*I forgot to put this in the main post, but you can take and post your picture when ever you want.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

40 Week Photography Challenge

Remember on Sunday how I said that I was going to do a 20-week photography challenge, but was turning it into 40 weeks instead? Well here is the list for the challenge* so that you can join in with me each week. I will be posting every week on Fridays and I will be sharing my pictures here on the blog as well as a photo album on my personal Facebook page.

Week 1 – 10:36 a.m.
Week 2 – Books
Week 3 – Black and White
Week 4 – Faceless Self-Portrait
Week 5 – Favorite Color
Week 6 – Feet
Week 7 – Fork
Week 8 – Green
Week 9 – Key
Week 10 – One Thing that You Can’t Live Without
Week 11 – Pattern
Week 12 – Shoes
Week 13 – Smile
Week 14 – Something Up Close
Week 15 – Something in Your Fridge
Week 16 – Something Old
Week 17 – Something new
Week 18 – Something tiny
Week 19 – Something tall
Week 20 – Something You Love
Week 21 – Self-Portrait
Week 22 – Bold Colors
Week 23 – Dinner
Week 24 – From a high angle
Week 25 – From a low angle
Week 26 – what you wore today
Week 27 – A mess
Week 28 – Hands
Week 29 – Something Orange
Week 30 – Water
Week 31 – Trees
Week 32 – Sunset
Week 33 – Your shoes
Week 34 – Something tall
Week 35 – Something you hate
Week 36 – Brick
Week 37 – Black and White
Week 38 – From a distance
Week 39 – Favorite spot
Week 40 – Where you work

*I did change some of the challenges from what they originally were.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

20 Week Photography Challenge

Back in August, I had written a post about a bunch of photography challenges that I had found on Pinterest. Since I had already done several photo a day challenges I was looking for something else.

taken by me
After saving several photography challenges to the board I had created for them on Pinterest, I printed out three of them. Two of them were for 20-weeks. The first 20-week challenge is pretty basic and is something that I would do. The second 20-week photography challenge that I printed out is called "City Photography Challenge."

Last week on Thursday, while cleaning, I pulled out a folder, that is starting to fall apart and is being held together by masking tape, I came across the three photography challenges that I had printed out and then never did anything with. While I was looking at it and sorting through papers that I was saving and throwing out, I decided that I was going to do the 20-week challenge (not the city one, though I might do it in the future). And that I was going to do it this week.

While I was sitting at my computer writing this post up I naturally pulled Pinterest up as well and started looking up photography challenges. And while I was scrolling through the search I came across another 20-week photography challenge. Of course, while still typing this post, I had the idea to combine the two challenges into one longer challenge. So now it is a 40-week photography challenge instead of a 20-week photography challenge. But I don't really mind since I have been wanting to take more pictures anyhow.

And in between my weekly photo challenge updates, I will do my best to put up other posts as well.