Sunday, May 7, 2017

20 Week Photography Challenge

Back in August, I had written a post about a bunch of photography challenges that I had found on Pinterest. Since I had already done several photo a day challenges I was looking for something else.

taken by me
After saving several photography challenges to the board I had created for them on Pinterest, I printed out three of them. Two of them were for 20-weeks. The first 20-week challenge is pretty basic and is something that I would do. The second 20-week photography challenge that I printed out is called "City Photography Challenge."

Last week on Thursday, while cleaning, I pulled out a folder, that is starting to fall apart and is being held together by masking tape, I came across the three photography challenges that I had printed out and then never did anything with. While I was looking at it and sorting through papers that I was saving and throwing out, I decided that I was going to do the 20-week challenge (not the city one, though I might do it in the future). And that I was going to do it this week.

While I was sitting at my computer writing this post up I naturally pulled Pinterest up as well and started looking up photography challenges. And while I was scrolling through the search I came across another 20-week photography challenge. Of course, while still typing this post, I had the idea to combine the two challenges into one longer challenge. So now it is a 40-week photography challenge instead of a 20-week photography challenge. But I don't really mind since I have been wanting to take more pictures anyhow.

And in between my weekly photo challenge updates, I will do my best to put up other posts as well.

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