Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Call Me Crazy

Call me crazy but I currently have five knitting projects in the works, though only two of them are currently active.

As I mentioned in a separate post last week, and one other time before, I said that I was working on a Ten Stitch Blanket. That is project #1. Project #2 is a Log Cabin blanket and the colors for this blanker are white yarn and a variegated blue, green, and purple yarn. Project #3 is another Ten Stitch blanket that I started over the summer, but haven't really done much with. The colors for this blanket are goldenrod and two shades of rust orange.

Project #4 is a Corner to Corner blanket, and the colors for that are a light gray and a dusty purple, with possible dark purple accents (I don't know for sure yet). And finally, project #5 is a hat, in a variegated gray, white, yellow yarn.

Now you are probably wondering why I am working on five different knitting projects. Well, it didn't originally start out that way. It just started out with the first Ten Stitch blanket, after I finished making a baby blanket for someone (that I just realized I never did a post for). The Log Cabin blanket was started not long after I started the Ten Stitch. I had been working on the Log Cabin for a while when I had the idea to start working on the second Ten Stitch Blanket. But I haven't worked on it much since I first started it.

The reason why I haven't really worked on the Log Cabin and second Ten Stitch is that I started working on the Corner to Corner blanket, which I am giving away and it needs to be finished soon. But once I finish with the C2C blanket I am going to start working on the Log Cabin blanket again. The hat that I am working on is also a bit of a short deadline.

Because I crazy and looking for new knitting projects to work on, and people to give them to, I am planning on making a second hat once I finish the first one. I am calling that one project #5.5. And I am also planning on starting a fifth blanket pattern once I finish the Corner to Corner and Log Cabin blankets. So in the near future be prepared to be bombarded with more knitting posts as I finish all of my current (and future) projects.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Ten Stitch Blanket: Part Dos

Back at the beginning of April, I wrote a post on how I was knitting a blanket, using the Ten-Stitch Blanket pattern on Ravelry. I also mentioned that I was making it with a bunch of different colored yarn scraps that I had. Well, the other day I pulled it out again and took it apart.

What it used to look like
Since you might ask why I took it apart, especially since I had already knit so far along. To start off, back in March of last year I wrote a post on how I am the queen of taking knitting projects apart. As I was working on the blanket, I did take a break to start working on two other blankets, I didn't like where some of the colors were falling. Like white against white, camo on camo, and a lot of the variegated yarns were on the same side of the blanket.

Once I took the blanket apart I organized it by color. Since there were bits and pieces of the camo yarn scattered through out the blanket I put them into multiple balls so I could have the color scattered through out the blanket as I went. I did the same with the other variegated yarns that I had in there as well. The same happened with the bright green and the bright blue yarns. If there was a small strip of a single color I added it to a larger, different color to break it up.

Instead of turning all of the yarn into one large ball, like I did the first time, I have them all in individual balls. I like it better that way because it is easier to pick which color comes next and I can spread out the all of the greens, blues, and reds that I have. So that the blanket doesn't end up with one side being the "light" side and the other the "dark" side I am alternating which shade I use as I go around the blanket so that it is an even mix of light and dark. I am also going as far as doing it so that similar colors aren't touching either.

That is all I currently have to say about the blanket. Some day in the future, not sure how far it will be yet, I will post a picture of the blanket once I am finally finished with it. Again I am not sure when that will be. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy my (almost) weekly 40-week photography challenge that I am doing.