Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Advent Photo a Day Calendar

I know that the Advent season doesn't start until Sunday, but I wanted to share a photography Advent calendar that I put together a while back. I made it because I had done a photography Advent calendar two years ago and I enjoyed doing it and I wanted to do it again this year.

When I created the calendar there weren't any Advent photo a day calendars for 2017 yet, so I pulled ideas from several different photo a day calendars that I found from previous years and created my own. So here is the list for the calendar and I will be posting the pictures I take like I have been with the 40 Week challenge photos.

Day 1: Preparation
Day 2: Journey
Day 3: Tradition
Day 4: Faith
Day 5: Home
Day 6: Love
Day 7: New
Day 8: Memory
Day 9: Season
Day 10: Ponder
Day 11: Foretold
Day 12: Family
Day 13: Warm
Day 14: Mystery
Day 15: Red
Day 16: Illuminate
Day 17: Music
Day 18: Angels
Day 19: Lights
Day 20: Tree
Day 21: Star
Day 22: Community
Day 23: Manger
Day 24: Silence

Bonus Day 25: Jesus

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Word Crawls

It's seven days into NaNoWriMo and I currently have 10,042 words (and counting). Last year was the first time that I had ever heard of or attempted word crawls to help me get further along in my writing. I did a Hamilton themed and Lord of the Rings themed word crawl, though I didn't finish either of them. This year I decided to try writing one. The book that I did a word crawl for is "Anne of Green Gables."

Crawls: These are usually long, game-like challenges that follow a specific theme, and vary wildly based on the person creating the challenge. These are less competitive, more about challenging yourself. 

So without further ado here is the crawl that I put together. 

Chapter IMrs. Rachel Lynde is Surprised. As Matthew Cuthbert drives to the train station and goes past the Lynde residents, surprising Mrs. Rachel Lynde, write 300 words.
As Rachel Lynde and Marilla converse about the Cuthbert’s getting help from an orphanage sprint for 3 mins.
Chapter IIMatthew Cuthbert is Surprised. Write 141 words as Matthew reaches the train station.
Write 675 words as Anne and Matthew drive back to Green Gables.
Chapter III. Marilla Cuthbert is Surprised. Write 900 words as Matthew puts the horses away and Marilla and Anne speak in the house.
Chapter IV. Morning at Green Gables. Write 431 words as Marilla and Anne prepare to leave Green Gables in the horse and buggy.
Chapter V. Anne's History. Do a 50 headed hydra as Anne tells Marilla her history during their drive to Mrs. Spencer's house.
Chapter VI. Marilla Makes up her Mind. Write for 5 minutes as Marilla speaks with Mrs. Spencer about the mix-up at the orphanage.
Chapter VII. Anne Says her Prayers. Write 33 words as Anne says her prayers before bed.
Chapter VIII. Anne's Bringing Up is Begun. Write 600 words as Marilla informs Anne that she will be staying with them at Green Gables.
As Anne talks of finding a bosom friend write 217 words
Chapter IX. Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Properly Horrified. Roll a die, multiply the number by 50 and write that many words as Rachel Lynde and Marilla talk about Anne. Add another 100 words as Anne loses her temper. 
After Rachel Lynde leaves write for 2 minutes as Marilla tells Anne that she needs to apologize for her outburst.
Chapter X. Anne's Apology. Do a 50 headed hydra* as Anne apologizes to Rachel Lynde.
Chapter XI. Anne's Impression of Sunday-School. Write 200 words as Anne tells Marilla about her ideas of Sunday school.
Chapter XII. A Solemn Vow and Promise. Write 400 words as Anne meets Diana for the first time.
Chapter XIII. The Delights of Anticipation. Write 250 as Anne tells Marilla about the Sunday school picnic.
Chapter XIV. Anne's Confession. Write 300 as Anne confesses to taking the Amethyst broach.
Chapter XV. A Tempest in the School Teapot. Do a 50 headed hydra as Anne starts school and Diana talks about Gilbert Blythe.
Write 251 words as Gilbert pulls Anne's hair calling her "carrots" and she breaks her slate over his head. Add 55 words as Anne is punished in front of the school.
Chapter XVI. Diana is Invited to Tea with Tragic Results. Write 1,404 words as Anne invites Diana over for tea and Diana accidentally becomes drunk on currant wine. Add 90 words as Anne tearfully tells Marilla what happened and how she is parted from Diana, her bosom friend.
Chapter XVII. A New Interest in Life. Sprint for 5 minutes as Anne is welcomed back at school and excels at her studies.
Chapter XVIII. Anne to the Rescue. Write 300 words the Premier came to Prince Edward Island to address his supporters and non-supporters and Anne and Matthew stay home and discuss courting and the different political parties.
As Anne helps Diana take nurse a sick Minnie May, and Matthew goes to fetch the doctor, write 1,772 words. Add 174 words as Marilla tells Anne that Mrs. Berry is allowing Diana to be her bosom friend again.
Chapter XIX. A Concert, a Catastrophe, and a Confession. Roll a die an multiply the number by 100 and then write that amount as Diana and Anne go to the Debating Club concert.
Add 100 words as Diana and Anne race to the bed in the spare room and wake Aunt Josephine.
Chapter XX. A Good Imagination Gone Wrong. Write 85 words as Anne tells Marilla that it is the anniversary of the day that she arrived at Green Gables. Add 98 words as Anne goes to Mrs. Barry's house to fetch a pattern and tries not to imagine that the woods are haunted.
Chapter XXI. A New Departure in Flavorings. Sprint for 4 minutes as Anne discusses the visiting ministers with Matthew. Add 40 words as Anne reflects on how tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it, after accidentally flavoring her layered cake with liniment and serving it to the new minister.
Chapter XXII. Anne is Invited Out to Tea. As Anne comes back her visit with the minister's wife and describes it to Marilla write 250 words. 
Chapter XXIII. Anne Comes to Grief in an Affair of Honor. Do a 50 headed hydra as Anne is dared to walk the ridgepole of the roof of Diana's house, and falls off the side. And as Anne is carried back to Green Gables and the doctor is fetched and Anne's broken ankle is bandaged.
If you reached 300 words add 85 more. If you didn't reach 300 words add 100 words.
Chapter XXIV. Miss Stacey and Her Pupils Get Up a Concert. Write 550 words as Anne tells Marilla about the field afternoons and the concert for a schoolhouse flag.
Chapter XXV. Matthew Insists on Puffed Sleeves. As Matthew nervously asks for garden rakes, hayseed, and twenty pounds of brown sugar write 200 words. Add 67 words as he goes back and asks for a dress with puffed sleeves.
Chapter XXIV. The Story Club is Formed. Sprint for 3 minutes as Anne tells Diana about her school composition and the story club is formed.
Chapter XXVII. Vanity and Vexation of Spirit. Write 967 words as Marilla scolds Anne for dying her hair green and Anne’s hair is cut.
Chapter XXVIII. An Unfortunate Lily Maid. As Anne floats on the pond, reenacting the poem “The Lady of Shalott” write while listening to the song “The Living Sculptures…” (or just write for 3:08 minutes).
Chapter XXIX. An Epoch in Anne’s Life. Write 1,250 words as Anne and Diana visit Aunt Josephine and go to the Exhibition.
Chapter XXX. A Queen’s Class is Organized. Write 915 words as Miss Stacey organizes a group of her advanced students to study for the entrance exams to Queen’s.
Chapter XXXI. Where the Brooke and River Meet. Write 509 words as school begins again and the Queen’s class continues to study for the entrance exam.
Chapter XXXII. The Pass List is Out. Write 175 words as Anne and the rest of the Queen’s class take the entrance exams. Write another 100 words as Anne celebrates passing the entrance exam.
Chapter XXXIII. The Hotel Concert. Write 400 words as Anne partakes in the concert at the White Sands Hotel.
Chapter XXXIV. A Queen’s Girl. Write 3% of your word goal as Anne heads off to Queen’s and dreams of winning the Avery Scholarship.
Chapter XXXV. The Winter at Queen’s. Write 2,000 words as Anne studies at Queen’s and spends time with Aunt Josephine.
Chapter XXXVI. The Glory and the Dream. Sprint for 3 minutes as Anne finds that she won the Avery Scholarship and writes to Matthew and Marilla to tell them.
Chapter XXXVII. The Reaper Whose Name is Death. Write 300 words as Matthew is buried in the church cemetery.
Chapter XXXVII. The Bend in the Road. Do a 5-minute sprint as Marilla tells Anne that she is planning on selling Green Gables and that she is having trouble with her eyes.

Write 550 words as Anne thanks Gilbert for letting her teach at the Avonlea School.
*For the unaware, the Fifty Headed Hydra is a challenge in which you attempt to write 500 words in 5 minutes. It gets its name from a sprint during a virtual write-in, in which a NaNo intern wrote 500 words... and discovered after that the only ones spelled correctly were "fifty headed hydra."  (written by NaNo participant murphyslawyer)